Male Rape

We know how difficult it can be for men to talk about being raped or sexually assaulted. We understand that for a variety of reasons you may have chosen not to talk about it to anyone. You may have been living with it, keeping it a secret.

12,000 men are estimated to be raped or sexually assaulted each year in England and Wales.

1 in 6 men have been targets of rape or sexual abuse, that’s 5 million men in the UK

Remember, whatever the situation – whatever your relationship with the person, wherever you were or whatever you were drinking or taking – you did not ask to be raped or sexually assaulted and it wasn’t your fault.

Reporting to the police

No-one can decide what’s right for you, but if you do decide to speak to the police, then they will do everything they can to make sure you receive the best possible care and support. Your welfare is always top priority, with specially trained officers working around the clock to offer advice and support. They will offer support for as long as you would like, even if you eventually decide not to support the police prosecution.

Whatever you decide to do you will be listened to and treated with respect. You will be believed and never judged.

The Bridge

You don’t have to make a decision to report what’s happened straight away. You have the option to call The Bridgefor medical care and psychological support now, and decide about talking to the police later.

When you call The Bridge, anonymously if you prefer, a member of their specialist team will listen carefully to your experience and explain what choices you have. This includes saving evidence so you can report to the police now, or in the future – they can store samples for up to 7 years.

The Bridge also offer a free counselling service for you, and your friends or family.

For more information about the advice and support available from The Bridge, visit

Whoever you decided to talk to please talk to someone. Find out what support organisations are available in your area here.