Know the signs

Tackling CSE is everyone’s business.  Children who may be at risk of exploitation might show some of the following signs:

  • Becomes especially secretive; stops seeing their usual friends; has really sharp, severe mood swings
  • Develops relationships with older men and/or women (although not all perpetrators are older)
  • Goes missing from home and is reluctant to say where they have been or what they have been doing
  • Receives calls and messages from outside their normal circle of friends
  • Has new, expensive, items they can’t afford, such as mobile phone, iPods or jewellery – as well as ‘invisible’ or ‘virtual’ gifts such as phone credit and online gaming credits.
  • Suddenly changes their taste in dress or music
  • Looks tired or unwell and sleeps unusual hours
  • Has marks or scars on their bod, which they try to hide
  • Regularly missing school
  • Displays inappropriate sexualised behaviour